Yucca Fire Department

Serving since 1962

Fire District Members

Kathy Jenkins
Fire Chief
Matt Young
Battalion Chief
Andrew Grogan
Joe McKinney
Wayne Kudrna
Battalion Chief
William Leflet
Battalion Chief
Kyle Nutt


Fire Chief - Kathy Jenkins

Battalion Chief - Wayne Kudrna
Battalion Chief - Matt Young
Battalion Chief - William Leflet

Firefighter/Paramedic - Phil Picard

Firefighter/Paramedic - Joseph Benjamin

Firefighter/Paramedic - Chris VanderJagt

Firefighter/Paramedic - Gus Alvarez

Firefighter/Paramedic - Matt Pagliero

Firefighter/EMT Bryon Kimber

Firefighter/EMT - Kurt Fowler

Firefighter/EMT - Donald Dillon

Firefighter/EMT - Kenyon Martin

Firefighter - Kris Schmidt

Firefighter/EMT Chris Hinds

Firefighter/EMT - Andrew Grogan

Firefighter/EMT - Kyle Nutt

Firefighter/EMT - Joseph McKinney


A Fire Explorer is part of the Yucca Fire Department career education program for young men and women who are 14 through 20 years old. Explorer is a worksite-based program that gives youths an opportunity to visit community organizations and explore the dynamics of various careers.


“The Explorer Motto” – Our best today for a better tomorrow.


Explorer is based on a unique and dynamic relationship between community organizations and the youth in that community. Local community organizations initiate a specific Explorer Yucca Fire Department, and create activities that help the youth pursue their special interests and grow and develop. This up-to-date approach to high-school-age young people helps them find their present and future roles as individuals in society and in the world of work.