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FEES: $15.00 FOR 90​ DAYS

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Payment can be made with exact monies or check. Payment is not due until after inspection is completed.​



NOTE: E.P.A. regulations prohibit burning of any household trash or waste.

The burning of materials containing adhesives i.e.: OSB, Plywood, or

Particle Board is PROHIBITED along with all painted materials.

1)  The material to be burned shall be no less than fifty (50) feet from any structure, vehicles or propane


2)  There will be a clearing (no weeds) of no less than twenty (20) feet all around the material to be burned.

      Feeder piles will also be kept outside of this area.

3)  The burn pile shall be no larger than three (3) feet high and four (4) feet across.

4)  The area will be prepared and ready to light.

5)  A PERMIT is required if wanting to use a weed burning torch.  The requirements for using a weed burning

      torch are as follows:

      Must have a three (3) feet clearance from fence on either side; four (4) feet clearance from any structure;

      four (4) feet clearance from propane tanks.

6)  You must have available the necessary equipment (water supply, shovel, sand) on site to extinguish the


7)  Any public official may order that the burn be extinguished or may prohibit burning during periods of

      inadequate smoke dispersion, excessive visibility impairment, or extreme fire danger.

Materials that CANNOT be burned:

All treated wood including: Chemically treated or painted wood, railroad ties, telephone poles.  All plastic and rubber material including: Bottles/Containers for household chemicals, tires, grocery, and retail bags.  All waste petroleum products including: Waste oils such as crankcase, transmission or used oil, oil filters.  Containers that contained: Pesticides, lead, cadmium, mercury, or arsenic compounds.

Hazardous waste products including: Paints, stains/varnishes, pesticides, solvents, cleaners.

Other PROHIBITED Burning Materials:

Aerosol spray cans, Ammunition, Anti-freeze, Asbestos, Asphalt shingles, Batteries, Composite counter tops, Electrical wire insulation, Explosives, Flammable liquids, Household waste/garbage, Linoleum flooring, Oleanders, Poison ivy, Poison oak, Poison sumac, Polyester products, Tar paper, Thermal insulation, Transformer oils.

Yucca Fire District conducts inspections of all burn permits.

Anyone wishing to acquire a burn permit must first:

1)  Prepare the area in compliance with these requirements.

2)  Call (928) 766-2300 or (928) 565-3479 or you may come into Station 1 at 12349 S. Frontage Road to make

      an appointment for inspection.

3)  Fire department personnel will then come out to the location where the burn will take place to inspect the

      area. If the area is properly prepared the fire department representative will issue a permit and burning

      may commence.

If you are not the property owner, you must obtain a written letter from the

property owner giving permission to obtain Burn Permit.

Inspections are performed if time and personnel are available.  This is NOT a guarantee.

The person (or another responsible adult) applying for the permit must be present

for the inspection and during the burn with permit.

All permits are good for ninety (90) days.

Burning can only be done during daylight hours, and only if weather permits.

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